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Omaha Paranormal Research

Investigating with "Spirit"

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Browser Warning.

Some browser's plug-ins automatically play all of the EVP's below. If you are hearing all of them playing at once try loading this page on Firefox instead or, scroll down to the bottom and mute them all until you are ready to listen to them one by one.

EVP Center.

EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) can be recorded with any device that records sound, even our video cameras. Often times EVPs are not usually audibly heard during the EVP recording session with your own ears, but when you review the evidence you will hear it.

EVP Classifications:

Class A: A voice or sound that is clearly and distinctly audible and understandable to everyone without being told what it is. Also Class a can be heard without the use of headphones or programs to amplify it.

Class B: A voice or sound that is fairly loud and distinct. It is usually more audible to people who are skilled in listening to EVPs. This is the most common of classes, were anyone can hear it after they have been told what to listen for. Most times it can be heard without the use of headphones.

Class C: A faint and whispery voice or sound that can barely be heard and is sometimes indecipherable and unintelligible. Most teams would disregard such EVPs but most like OPR will save them for further review and study. We label our Class C EVPs as "Interesting".

I have heard of others investigation groups that use the following.

Class D: These possible EVPs are so low or bad quality that it will need further review and amplifying. Some groups use Class D as a holding class for EVPs until they decide whether or not it can be used in the above classes. Class D EVPs are not creditable as evidence. OPR really does not use Class D but much like Class C we will save them for later. We have no use for Class D. If we find an EVP that has been debunked we will label it as such.

Every paranormal team is different, so their classifications may vary.

OPR EVP Sub Classifications

We also have our own sub classifications that we use when uploading any evidence online or on our case files. The reason behind this is to explain how we view that piece of evidence.

It is our way of saying whether or not we think this photo, video, or EVP is creditable. If we don't think it is a creditable piece of evidence we want to say so because credibility is extremely important for us. That's why we try to debunk everything first before posting.

Our Sub Classifications:

Confirmed: We are have tried to but could not debunk the evidence as anything but paranormal activity. This includes Class A and B EVPs.

Interesting: This is when we are unable or have yet to go back and debunk that piece of evidence but feel we want to share it will the community to get their opinions. For example: Below there is an EVP labeled " Class C EVP: Screams?" Everyone in my team did here two sets of what we describe as screams. Since we were outside at that time we had to chalk it up to "Interesting" because it could have been an animal, a siren, or even a human scream. It is hard to tell what it was since we were unable to find out where it came from. This includes Class C EVPs.

Debunked: We got a peice of evidence that was able to be debunked on the spot or later on. We do not post or share these to any sites. This includes Class D EVPS.

EVP Library

If all of the EVPs decide to play at once when you load this page, please just mute all the players to stop them until your ready. I am sorry, I tried to get this fixed but was told it is a plug-in or browser issue.

The Squirrel Cage Jail EVPs: The following was captured on the night of September 24th, 2011. The EVPs below have been taken right off of the digital voice recorder. (Unedited and no amplification.) Please make sure the sound is up on all of the players. Class C EVPs or lower may need headphones to hear it.

Class A EVP: Bagpipes? 

Class B EVP: Breath

Class B EVP: Breath 2

Class C EVP: Childrens Response?

Class B EVP: Come

Class B EVP: I don't know?

Haunted Hollow EVPs: The following was captured on the night of October 29th, 2011. The EVPs below have been taken right off of the digital voice recorder. (Unedited and no amplification.) Please make sure the sound is up on all of the players. Class C EVPs or lower may need headphones to hear it.

Class A EVP: Aurther hes one of us?

Class A EVP: Murder

Class B EVP: My name is Ron (Rahn)

Class C EVP: Screams?

Class B EVP: Yes

 We thought we lost some of our audio files when they got mysteriously deleted from our investigators digital voice recorder the night of the investigation. (October 29th 2011) The lost EVP audio files showed back up at a different investigation. (May 5th, 2012) The following are those EVP's enjoy.

 Class A EVP: Disembodied Voice

 Class C EVP: Foot Steps

 Class A EVP: Knocking Noise

 Class C EVP: Rock Being Thrown 1

 Class C EVP: Rock Being Thrown 2

 Class C EVP: Rock Being Thrown 3

 Class C EVP: Rock Being Thrown 4

 Class C EVP: Rock Being Thrown 5

 Class A EVP: Something Falls

 Class C EVP: Stick Being Thrown

 Class C EVP: Tumbleweed 1

Class C EVP: Tumbleweed 2

 Class C EVP: Tumbleweed 3

 Class C EVP: Tumbleweed 4

 Class B EVP: Ya